About us

Genesis Mobility is a U.S.A and Canada supplier of Hand Controls, Swimming Pool Lifts, Driving Aids and  Mobility Aids for People with Disability. Established in North Carolina in 2005 Genesis took its first steps in the local market. With clear vision and persistent leadership we have become a trustworthy supplier for many companies on a national level. We are the Agent Distributors of  KIVI  Hand Controls Made in Italy,  Mariani Wheelchair Lifts Made in italy and DiGi Project Swimming Pool Lifts Made in Italy. Our slogan is “Keep Rolling” and yes we want everyone to be able to drive and keep rolling with our Hand Controls whatever your disability is.

Even-though the western world is a leader in human rights, we forget sometimes that we have more than Six Million people in wheel chairs in the USA alone, and they need to be active and use Hand Controls and driving Aids and go around like everyone else. Public transportation is one mean, a ride with a friend or family member is another, but driving your own car with our hand controls is the real experience. Total mobility,  freedom and self reliance.

With our line of Driving Aids, Swimming pool lifts and Mobility Products, you can spread your wings and live a full life again. The world is your limit and the roads are your guide.

KIVI is 100%“made in Italy” and is the #1 European manufacturer of Hand Controls and driving aids. Other than their Push Pull and Radial Systems, KIVI spearheaded the industry with their K5 gas ring that became synonym of reliability and effectiveness K5 has become by far the number one preferred Hand Control in Europe. It installs almost invisibly behind the steering wheel and it is now embraced by a lot of drivers with disability.

With our Competitive Pricing and Extreme High Quality products, you As Distributor, Auto Conversion Center or End User driver, will be satisfied with our hand controls. We commit that if you do business with us, we will make sure that you’ll come back and thank us.

MARIANI Lifts. is a modern company, in continuous development of Wheelchair lifts and manufactures devices to overcome the architectural barriers in the transport area. The company is engaged in offering a wide range of products in order to meet the increasing market demand in the best possible way. The Strong point of the company is the offering of competitive and innovative products, that are entirely “made in Italy”.

DiGi Project has a large experience in manufacturing Mobile and Stationary Swimming Pool lifts, Train Station Lifts and Airport Lifts for people with disability. Our company wants to fill the void and aims at offering solutions for non expressed needs of people with disability by means of high quality and first class technology products that are entirely designed and “made in Italy”.

We are Genesis Marketing doing Business as Genesis Mobility and we are at your service, so feel free to contact us and let us fulfill your mobility and driving needs.

Thank you for doing business with us.

Genesis Mobility and the Mariani KIVI Italy Team.

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