Item #: BBI 115.80

The BBI double arm lifts are equipped with a solid antislip grilled platform. These models are entirely automatic thanks to an electrohydraulic box that controls two oleodynamic cylinders. They allow an easy access for wheelchairs  to special vehicles.

They are controlled by a spiral cabled handset.

These models are particularly stable and reliable, they are equipped with all the safety devices that make MARIANI s.r.l. products different from those of the competition.

Safety devices:

  • Battery switch
  • Automatic safety plate to stop the wheelchair
  • Automatic connecting plate to the vehicle
  • Anti-tilting device
  • Double microswitch

All models are equipped with an emergency manual pump to enable the regular operation in case of lack of power or trouble of any kind.

The BBI double arm lifts are available in 4 different dimensions and can be fitted on a wide range of vehicles for  reduced mobility persons.

The fitting of these models is easy and quick and does not require any important modifications to the vehicle frame.

All BBI range lifts, like any other MARIANI product, are compliant with the applicable rules of theEuropean Community and also comply with the electromagnetic compatibility regulations.

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