Item #: BBO 115.73

The double arm BBO platform lifts have an anti-slip surface that folds horizontally.

This type of platform has compact dimensions and allows a good rear view.

These models are completely automatic thanks to an electrohydraulic box that controls 2 oleodinamic cylinders. These devices are very useful to overcome the vehicle access difficulties for the  wheelchair users.

The operation is controlled by a spiral cabled handset.

These models are particularly stable and solid, they are equipped with safety devices that makeMARIANI s.r.l. products different from the competition.

Safety devices:

  • Battery detaching switch
  • Automatic safety plate to stop the wheelchair
  • Automatic connecting plate to the vehicle
  • Anti-revolving device
  • Double microswitch

All platform lifts are equipped of a manual emergency pump that allows the operation in case of lack of power or truble of any kind.

The BBO double arm range consists of five models of different dimensions that can be installed on a large quantity of vehicles for disabled persons.

These platform lifts are easy and quick to install and do not require any important modification to the vehicle frame.

The BBO range platform lifts, like all MARIANI s.r.l. products, are compliant with applicable European Directives and are also in compliance with the electromagnetic compatibility rules.



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