KIVI Docking Plates (Electric)

Brand: Kivi
Item #: AKE 04

The wheelchair docking plate AKE 04 allows both manual and electric wheelchairs to be secured to the car floor, for those who want to drive from their own wheelchair and for those who want to be passengers.


The wheelchair docking plate AKE 04 is available both electric and manual.


In the electric version, the chair is docked automatically and released by pushing a button located in a convenient position for the user, usually on the dashboard. The plate is equipped with a safety system which warns the user with a beep in the event of wrong docking and with a lever for manual release in case of emergency.


In the manual version, instead, releasing is done by a lever located on the plate.


The wheelchair docking plate AKE 04 is CE-marked, crash tested, meets the Directive ISO 10542-1, and, in the electrical version, also EMC tested. This product has a 3 year warranty from invoice date.

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