KIVI 1 K4 Easy-Fit Gas Ring under Steering Wheel

Brand: Kivi

K4 easy-fit makes the accelerator control manual by transferring it from the pedal to the wheel, which allows people with partial or complete lack of functionality to lower limbs to drive. It can be installed in cars with automatic gear, sequential transmission or automatic clutch.

The gas ring is placed under the original wheel of the car, in order not to alter the design of the car interior and to allow a smooth, natural driving as well as an excellent direction control in the turns, which is granted thanks to its settings, very similar to the traditional ones. K4 easy-fit doesn’t obstruct the airbag opening, keeps all the steering wheel regulations and doesn’t alter the view on the dashboard.

The exclusivecutshape of the new easy-fit gasring has a double functionality: it increases the space between the gasring itself and the driver’s legs, avoiding the risk of damages, and it allows the installation on the majority of vehicles available on the market, including those equipped with a “sports wheel”.

Before being sold, K4 easy-fit is studied and designed directly on the car model where it will be installed. This construction method ensures a wide variety of “car specific” adaptations, which keeps the interior design unchanged and grants an impressive visual impact as well as a remarkable handiness in terms of use.

With K4 easy-fit you can accelerate by pulling the ring toward the steering wheel. This feature makes the ring stroke longer than K5 easy-fit and gives the acceleration a more gradual calibration.

Moreover, thanks to a button integrated in the brake lever knob, it’s possible to engage the function “economizer”. When this function is been engaged, the car power is reduced, so as to be ready for those situations requiring particular driving awareness (e.g. newly licensed drivers, parking manoeuvres or simply reduction of fuel consumption in city traffic).
When the economy function is engaged, the LED placed on the dashboard is on.

K4 easy-fit is available both by interface and with motor. In the version by interface, which can be installed in most cars with an electronic gas pedal, acceleration with the original pedal can be restored at any moment by a switch placed in a comfortable position for the driver, while in the version with motor the gas pedal remains always active. In both versions K4 easy-fit is equipped with a safety system that annuls the acceleration in case of braking. This system does not activate in case of uphill starts or delicate maneuvers such as parking.

K4 easy-fit is approved by the EMC as well as CE-marked. This product has a 5 year warranty from invoice date.

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