KIVI Left Foot Accelerator

Brand: Kivi

The left foot accelerator is used by the drivers with disabilities to the right lower limb and it allows them to accelerate with an accelerator pedal placed on the left of the brake pedal.

All models have a 3 year warranty from invoice date.



The accelerator pedal DS-SE 10 EL can be installed in cars with electronic accelerator pedal and automatic gear. Thanks to a LED pushbutton placed in a comfortable position on the dashboard, at every start the driver will be able to choose between the original accelerator and the one on the left. For security reasons, at each start the original accelerator pedal switches on first. The LED button flashes for 10 seconds and then, if not pressed, remains red. To use the left foot accelerator instead, all the driver needs to do is push the flashing button within the first 10 seconds. Once the throttle control to the left is activated, the LED will turn green and remain so. Once the desired pedal has been selected, it will be no longer possible to modify the choice without stopping and restarting the vehicle. When not in use, the pedal on the left can be easily removed, by simply unscrewing the wing bolt that fixes it to the support. This product has been submitted to EMC tests.

DS-SE 10 MEC is a mechanical left foot accelerator, attached to the car floor with a removable bayonet coupling which allows also nondisabled people to drive the vehicle: in fact, the left foot accelerator, if not used, can be easily removed. Its shape, similar to the one of the original accelerator, keeps the car compartment design unchanged.

DS-SA 197

The accelerator pedal DS-SA 197 can be installed in both automatic and manual vehicles. Its anchorage to the floor is quick and therefore it can be easily removed when not in use. A small pedal guard needs to be set in front of the original pedal, in order to avoid unintentional acceleration and the pedal removal.

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