KIVI 6 Pillar Wheelchair Hoist

Brand: Kivi
Item #: VCC205

The pillar wheelchair hoist is an articulated arm secured to the upper part of the B-pole used to load a manual wheelchair on vehicles with three or five doors.


The articulated arm is manually swung from the inside to the outside of the car and vice versa, while loading and unloading the wheelchair is electrically controlled by a push-button handset or a conveniently located switch.


In the event of a car with three doors you need to slide the driver seat forward in order to create the necessary space for a folded wheelchair to get through, between the seat and the B-pole The pillar wheelchair hoist swings out from the front of the car, it clasps the wheelchair and positions it between the rear seats and the front seats.


On cars with five doors the hoist slides out from the rear of the car. For this reason the installation of a sliding door or a door operator is also necessary.


It is equipped with a safety system which prevents its activation when the front door is closed and when the wheelchair has reached its upper end of stroke. The maximum load of the pillar wheelchair hoist is 25 Kg.


This product was EMC tested and it’s CE-marked. It has a 3 year warranty from invoice date.

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