KIVI 7 Sliding Door

Brand: Kivi
Item #: PR205

The sliding door makes it easier to load a wheelchair in the back of the car. It can be installed on vehicles with five doors.

It is operated by an electric motor, located on the door and controlled by a push-button handset or a switch arranged in a convenient position, which makes the door slide backwards and creates the necessary space for a folded wheelchair to go through. Such a door can be activated electrically only.
It is equipped with a safety system, so that:
– When the front door is closed, it cannot be activated.
– In case of an obstacle, it is immediately stopped by a safety system.
– In the event of an electrical system failure, the sliding door can be opened and closed manually.

The sliding door is solid, reliable, good looking and locks perfectly, avoiding water infiltrations in case of rain. When selling the car, this device can be removed and the vehicle can be brought back to its original condition.


This product was EMC tested and it’s CE-marked. It has a 3 year warranty from invoice date.

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