KIVI 6 Wheelchair Lift K-LIFT 140

Brand: Kivi

K-LIFT 140 is a new hoist, made by Kivi, with a jointed arm which makes it easier to load the wheelchair inside the car.


Made of a solid and strong material, K-LIFT 140 can lift any wheelchair, either electric or manual, up to 140 kilos and fits most of the cars on the market, even the smallest ones.


K-LIFT 140 is placed in the luggage compartment or fitted to the B-pillar, close to the rear side door; in both cases, it can be placed on the right or on the left, according to customer needs. When not in use, its arm can be easily removed, as to avoid being in the way.


The “up & down” movement of the arm is electrically powered, while the rotation towards the inside and the outside can be either manual or electrical.


Both electrical movements can be controlled by a wired push-button handset as well as a remote control, upon request.


K-LIFT 140 is approved by the EMC as well as CE-marked, it has passed static and fatigue tests. This product has a 3 year warranty from invoice date.

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